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Important updates.

2010-12-27 05:01:58 by HungarianSupermarket

I made waffles today. They sucked. These aren't my waffles.

Important updates.

Well, 'where is it?', you ask. 'Does it even exist?', you wonder.

The answers to that are yes and no. In no particular order. Figure it out for yourselves, I guess.
For those of you who haven't realised that I haven't updated my audio since January (Hai there, entirety of newgrounds), you are now aware.

This entire year has slipped by. It still surprises me that it is November. I have not taken a break from my music, nor have I had any lack of inspiration. I have promised myself many times this year that I would pull together a proper album/EP of music to damage your collective taste in music. However, time slipped past me and in reality I never got around to it, despite all of the free time on my hands.

With all that in mind, I do intend to get around to producing an album. I cannot promise any kind of time frame. Be it a week from now, A month, or even a year. What I can say however, is that it will include completely remastered versions of some of the current audionoise I have here on Newgrounds, as well as entirely new tracks.

Whether any of that excites you or not is up to sexual preference. For the time being, I have no further proof of my existance.

With love.

New Song

2008-04-04 10:48:15 by HungarianSupermarket

Red City is available for listening now, woo!