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Where is HungarianSupermarket's new audio?

2009-11-14 10:08:07 by HungarianSupermarket

Well, 'where is it?', you ask. 'Does it even exist?', you wonder.

The answers to that are yes and no. In no particular order. Figure it out for yourselves, I guess.
For those of you who haven't realised that I haven't updated my audio since January (Hai there, entirety of newgrounds), you are now aware.

This entire year has slipped by. It still surprises me that it is November. I have not taken a break from my music, nor have I had any lack of inspiration. I have promised myself many times this year that I would pull together a proper album/EP of music to damage your collective taste in music. However, time slipped past me and in reality I never got around to it, despite all of the free time on my hands.

With all that in mind, I do intend to get around to producing an album. I cannot promise any kind of time frame. Be it a week from now, A month, or even a year. What I can say however, is that it will include completely remastered versions of some of the current audionoise I have here on Newgrounds, as well as entirely new tracks.

Whether any of that excites you or not is up to sexual preference. For the time being, I have no further proof of my existance.

With love.


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2009-12-12 10:36:05

wat r u takn abowt?

(Updated ) HungarianSupermarket responds:

I.. er.. nothing. I guess I'll go sit in the corner again..


2009-12-24 09:23:56

your signature is stupid. its stupid.

HungarianSupermarket responds:

Aye, t'will be the downfall of me. :(


2010-02-28 06:28:05

I have a dog, isn't that cool?!?

HungarianSupermarket responds:

dude that is AWESOME!!! you should feed it like dog biscuits and stuff!!


2010-04-01 01:30:26

For the time being, Kevin Bacon has no further proof of Kevin Bacon's existance.


2010-07-06 16:41:26

what am I reading?


2010-07-11 16:36:33

whenever you make new music, put some cat noises in it. You know, for the lolz

HungarianSupermarket responds:

Listen closer ;)


2010-07-17 10:07:25

your audio rocks.


2010-07-20 20:39:21

On an unrelated note, I think you're one of the funniest users I've seen on the BBS in a long time.


2010-08-02 07:02:25

You're my #1 fan.

HungarianSupermarket responds:

Rob Johnson fan club meets every tuesday and thursday at 5. Tell all your friends.


2010-08-03 12:23:59

magyars are pretty cool


2010-08-09 06:33:29


i didnt wonder

HungarianSupermarket responds:

Oh thank christ! I was thinking of PMing you to ask if you did wonder, but this is a much better outcome!


2010-08-27 22:53:06


HungarianSupermarket responds:

The greatest part is I had no idea what you were talking about until I came across his music


2010-08-31 05:46:43

You need to make a new newspost.

Also, sumidiotdude made almost the same comment word for word on one of my blog posts. I thought I was special.

HungarianSupermarket responds:

He was cheating on both of us :(


2010-10-12 14:42:17

i thought you were hungarian or something