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Welly well well.

Looks like I found me a new favorite artist. My ipod is 45 songs fatter after browsing through your music.

I love the texture and energy all throughout this song. I'm hearing new things every time I listen to it so I don't think I'll be bored of it any time soon.

Keep this stuff up, I have my eye on you.

LfunkeyA responds:

i think the drums kind of ruin it (too loud/messy), but thanks. maybe i'll post a cleaner version someday.

Very impressive!

I really like this piece, the voices and sound effects were all of good quality and seemed to all fit very well together.
One thing that could perhaps be worked on more would be the storyline, it was a little hard to follow. Other than that, great work guys, and I'm glad to have my music used in such a way : )

Eisaysek responds:

I guess It's hard to follow because it's somewhat of a prologue.

But, Thanks for the 10!



I hate to start a review by making comparisons, but I really do have to agree that this makes me think of Kid A. I hope you take that as a compliment because it is certainly meant as one.
I love the way your songs seem to start so simple and then build up in layers over that. All of the ambient sounding pads work together so harmoniously, and I'd listen to this song time and time over just to hear the melody that starts around 3:39. As per usual, your trademarked style of glitchy percussion does not fail the piece, and the vocals really are the cherry on top of the delicious, layered cake that is this song.
And now I must end this review with a request, please try and incorporate vocals into more of your songs. It really is just lovely.

Not bad, but...

The piano sound really lets it down. You should find yourself a decent, realistic sounding piano synth and that would make this song so much better.


I was just totally blown away by this track. All of the synths fit in really well with the guitar, and i do love the chiptones thing you have going on in the background there.
I really do wish i could sing, in which case i'd be totally all over this track for you.
Can you please PM or reply to this with the lyrics anyway, though?
Amazing work, 10/10 5/5

MashedByMachines responds:

Thank you :)

Yes sure, here are the lyrics. I´m not english so i´m not sure that they are 100% grammatically correct though.

verse 1
We had it coming for long
there was so many things that went wrong.
We embraced our creation but died,
like an ocean outrun by its tide

verse 2
This tragedy long ago,
covered the desert in snow.
Cities were buried in sand,
and suddenly oceans were land

A blazing storm in which our lives passed away,
The bright inferno turned to gray. (Radiates away)
And our nation turned their eyes t'wards the flash
while our domain reversed to ash


The amount of effort put into this song really does show. The strings and flute sounded great, but it was really the choir that sold this song to me. I perhaps would have like to have heard a bit more of a buildup, and possibly even some percussion, but that is just me.
5/5, 10/10 and favorited.

popraz responds:

Glad you liked the choir, because I had several reviews on previous songs that complained about the choir, so this means I nailed it, finally ! I'm glad you liked this song enough to review and fave ! Thank you !

This is great

This is definately great for a preview. My only suggestion would be that the guitar could be a bit cleaner. It sounds almost.. muffled? perhaps bringing out the midtones a bit more would help.
I'm very excited to hear you are planning on an album, and i will definately be purchasing it.

Very relaxing

A very simple and relaxing song. It has great flow, but can be a little repetitive. Definately great background music though!

DatBoiNC responds:


Very nice

A very calm and relaxing piece, reminds me a lot of some of Moby's more ambient pieces, back in the time before he started mistakenly thinking he was black. Keep up the good work!


This is just..

Such a perfect way to end a night.
This song is just amazing. Such a great buildup, and i love the percussion. It is simple, but never once gets boring. Thankyou for sharing this for all to hear.

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you for making me feel appreciated :D

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