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Pure genius, of course.

PaperBagMask responds:

got to meet expectations!

Excellent collab!

Great mix of styles in here, it was some very enjoyable viewing.

Only tiny little problem that I could point out was that the menu didn't quite seem to loop properly.

Mexifry responds:

Well Im glad you liked it anyways. :)


This was awesome. Great concept and was very well done. The only letdown was of course the trailer format, instead of a full movie. But great otherwise!

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This is a pretty cool game, but i just have a few problems to point out:
- Damage: as mentioned before, the car seems to take way too much damage, perhaps rounding up the bottom rear corner of it would help it from losing all its health from a simple wheelie
- The space bar boost thing doesnt really seem to do anything.
- Perhaps using more rounded ramps would help stop the car from losing all its HP too easily.

Pretty cool game though, got me hooked for a good 20 minutes or so

ttursas responds:

That's the downside of making a game in one evening, it's not very well balanced. :) Anyway, I'll fix these issues to the sequel!

Ok for a while.

This is a fairly decent game, but i did notice some mistakes, such as the price for one of the consoles. Also, there doesn't seem to be much point, after you start earning lots of money it becomes boring and repetitive.
Try adding some more interesting graphics, possibly some animation here and there, and some goals that have to be acheived, etc and this could be quite a successful game.

MarioFlashMovies responds:

Yes... Okay, V2?

it was interesting

but it had absolutely no replay value. sorry.

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Welly well well.

Looks like I found me a new favorite artist. My ipod is 45 songs fatter after browsing through your music.

I love the texture and energy all throughout this song. I'm hearing new things every time I listen to it so I don't think I'll be bored of it any time soon.

Keep this stuff up, I have my eye on you.

LfunkeyA responds:

i think the drums kind of ruin it (too loud/messy), but thanks. maybe i'll post a cleaner version someday.

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At exactly the 11 second mark I added you to my favorite audio artists.

This is a very well put together and mesmerising beat. Sure, it may be a wee repetitive, but only because I find it lacking vocals. That said though, it is interesting enough on its own to deserve a 10 from me. Looks like you have a promising career ahead of yourself as a producer if you can keep up this kind of quality.

DJ-Delinquent responds:

its a shame im shooting for a career in video game art huh? :(

Very impressive!

I really like this piece, the voices and sound effects were all of good quality and seemed to all fit very well together.
One thing that could perhaps be worked on more would be the storyline, it was a little hard to follow. Other than that, great work guys, and I'm glad to have my music used in such a way : )

Eisaysek responds:

I guess It's hard to follow because it's somewhat of a prologue.

But, Thanks for the 10!


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This is by far my favorite goat-themed piece on newgrounds. Great design, great texture, but that white text on light blue is causing some eye-rape.

Rooshie responds:

Yea, major eye-rape. i fixed it though, but didn't put it up on Newgrounds.
Btw, I'm dying of laughter from your name, HungarianSupermarket. Good job, good job. n__n

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